Mac4Lin ver.1.0 Released!

I am happy to release Mac4Lin ver.1.0. I know it was long due. Was held up with my graduate school and work. Version 1.0 finally sees light! :)


* Fully supports GNOME 2.26 and backwards compatible
* Improved support for GlobalMenu, support integrated in the default GTK theme
* Better native Xfce support
* Icon additions
* Statusbar is now fixed
* New progress bars
* New tabs
* Improved installation and uninstallation scripts
* Integrates well with Gloobus
* Finer UI refinements
* Metacity theme now supports different button sizes
* Firefox 3 themes are now updated
* Songbird plugins included
* Pidgin AWN 64bit plugin now included
* Fonts are now consolidated
* Transparent top panel
* GDM theme is now in-line with Mac OS X login window
* Cairo dock is the default recommended dock


* Usplash is still buggy
* Thunderbird theme is still buggy
* GDM theme is not automatically set by the script


1) Mac4Lin Desktop, NOTE:Apple logo is NOT bundled with Mac4Lin
Free Image Hosting at

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2) Mac4Lin Desktop with Firefox
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3) Mac4Lin Login Window
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4) Mac4Lin with Nautilus File Manager
Free Image Hosting at

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5) Mac4Lin with Rhythmbox
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6) Mac4Lin with Terminal
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7) Mac4Lin on Xfce!
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It is available for download at Mac4Lin Download page with immediate effect. Grab your copy now!

I am eagerly waiting for the Community Awards 2009 :)


WindPower said…
Can't wait for a KDE4 version, too ;)
Anirudh Acharya said…
Thank you :) No sure when will the KDE version be out, though :D
kde version would be great !
Anirudh Acharya said…
Anyone volunteering for porting Mac4Lin to KDE??!! :)
TechTech said…
Whenever I activate any of the Mac4lin themes any apps I run as root get very ugly. As I don't have this problem with other third party themes I'm pretty sure its a Mac4Lin problem.

Other than that though I love it!
Anonymous said…
Does this bring along any mac-like keybindings?
Captj said…
does this easily uninstall if i don't like it or it doesn't work well on my machine?

it's taken me a while to get everything how i like it but i'd realllly love to try mac4lin.
Darius said…
I'm mac user. To find use for my old IBM T23 laptop installed linux gOS to try and liked it a lot , until today I found mac4lin .Eager to try it .
Clicking your google ads to Thank you.
evident said…

that's a very nice theme! I installed it and it works just fine!

But one thing I don't like is the way Pidgin looks now... could anybody tell me how to get these icons back to the old ones I had?

And another thing: Though the apple logo is not included in the package, could anybody tell me where I can get it and how I can change the logo in the top left to the apple?

Would be really great!

Anirudh Acharya said…
Its not a Mac4Lin issue. The default themes are all installed in /usr/share/theme or icons etc. So they are accessible by all users. However, Mac4Lin is installed in the user's home directory which means the apps which run with root privileges don't haf access to the UI. To correct this issue you can create symbolic links in your root's home folder, linking them to ~/.themes, ~/.icons (where ~/ is your home folder). This will set everything right.

No, the keybindings are set by the user and Mac4Lin doesn't include them. But I believe its a nice area to improve up in the next release :)

Yes, the uninstall script (which is currently getting polished up and should be up by tonight) will uninstall everything and get you back to the default theme. If you however, haf made fine grain customization then I cannot say for sure that everything will be restored. Can you temme what all customizations do you haf now? That will let me give you more details.

Thank you so much. I'm sure you will like Mac4Lin. Oh btw, it was me who designed and implemented the gOS UI :)
Anirudh Acharya said…
1) The old theme is backed up at ~/Mac4Lin_v1.0/Pidgin directory. This information is given to the user at install time. Maybe you missed that.

2)Just head to the Mac4Lin forums. There is a post which describes how to do that.
haven't tried it in a while.. glad to see it's still alive! will try it soon.
Herman Cheung said…
I love Mac4Lin cause I get to fool my mates who pay top buck for OSX.

I just upgraded to v1.0 from RC and all is well except that the Panel doesn't behave properly. It is like in Pic 7 where it is transparent for part of the way and for the Username/Files part it becomes solid. Does anyone know how to fix this? I didn't have this Problem with RC, in RC the background ran right through with no problems.
Captj said…
Sweet thanks!
Yeah just stuff like customizing what applets i have in the panel and changing the panel size and such, and the awn dock. nothing big that i couldn't do again, just would prefer to not have to do it again.

is there a way to set a restore point in ubuntu or other distros? (Sorry, I'm pretty new to linux still)
Anirudh Acharya said…
Yes, I recognize that issue. I am uploading a new version of the pack tonight. You can download it. It will set the panel among other things rite :)

No, there isn't. But if you are only customizing applets and stuff you can go ahead and install Mac4Lin. The Mac4Lin uninstall script will restore things to Ubuntu defaults :)
Unknown said…
Thought maybe Xmas, then maybe New Year, then maybe 9.04 release... and I was wrong! But now you've done v.1, and I congratulate you. Thanks for taking the trouble!
Il Recidivo said…
thx 4 your job!
Mohit Athwani said…
hey - amazing work !
a job well done indeed - but slight problem - how do i get the dock ?

plz reply asap
Anonymous said…
Excellent! Now maybe I can get my stubborn brother to try out Linux finally :D
Anirudh Acharya said…
@ All
Thank you so much :)

Refer to the documentation on the download page for installing the dock.
JacenSolo2001 said…
I tried to walk through the installation last night on Ubuntu 9.04, being new to Linix, does anyone have an "Installing Mac4Lin for Dummies" guide, as alot of the installation instructions files were missing (or i didn't know where to find them), or I couldn't figure out how to get the desired result.
TechTech said…
Thanks my root problem is solved. Just out of curiosity is it possible to make all the desktop icons be aligned from the right with a config editor or something? I'm using Ubuntu 9.04
Anirudh Acharya said…
Which installation files could you not find? Which documentation are you looking at?

Not sure if alignment can be set thru a script. I'll try to find if such an option exists, tho.
Unknown said…
There seems to be something wrong with the nm-applet icons for a wired connection. I see a big < 000 > looking icon.
Anirudh Acharya said…
If you mean the Network Manager, then I'm afraid there are no network manager icons in the Mac4Lin pack. But in any case, screenshots would definitely help!
Unknown said…
Looks like there are a few icons such as nm-signal-* and nm-stage*, I'm wondering if a few are just missing... I emailed you a screen shot. Thanks.
Gingerman said…
I get no Mac-like dashboard at the bottom of the screen, and I was looking forward to that most.

Any suggestions?

Ubuntu's latest version, whatever beast that is (9.x)
Anirudh Acharya said…
Yep, I replied to your mail. Thanks for catching that!

Dashboard? You mean the dock??!! Just follow the directions in the documentation (available for download at the mac4lin download page). That will give you instructions on how to install the dock.
Herman Cheung said…
Thanks for the reply!

Can you please update your post and tell me when the panel fix is up? I have computer engineering exams coming up soon but don't want to miss out on your fix!
Anirudh Acharya said…
The fix is already up! Download the latest Mac4Lin_v1.0.tar.gz from the download page.
Herman Cheung said…
I downloaded it and reinstalled it but I still get the problem you can see it at

my screen shot

you can see that the top panel doesn't go right through as in the middle part has the transparency but the menus and my login menu are still solid colours. I know you can't really notice it but its just a tad bit annoying!
Anirudh Acharya said…
Yes, the issue is because you are using the Menu Bar applet. You need to remove that and instead put in the Main Menu applet on the top panel.
Deleted Profile said…
wow!!!after at least 10 attempts, this is the first Mac theme that I'll use and it installed minus any hiccups. Great job, Man!!! I am trying to figure out how to change the default theme colour to white.I hope I'll be able to do that.
Unknown said…
Nice! I liked my minimize, maximize and close buttons on the right though, is there anyway to change this back? I even tried the uninstall script but they're still on the left...
Anirudh Acharya said…
What do you wanna change to white?

Which version of GNOME and what GNU/Linux distro do you use? The uninstall script automatically restores the buttons to the right. You can also try reading the documentation (Available on the download page) which explains how to put those buttons on the right.
techsense said…
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Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Ahhh, been waiting for this! Great work!
Anonymous said…
Great job.
I tried earlier versions and had problems. I reloaded an old laptop with 1.0 and saved a bunch of money instead of having to buy my daughter an ibook.
Gingerman said…
I'm running Jaunty Jackalope Ubuntu on a Toshiba laptop, and Mac4Lin is only about 1/2 way to looking like Mac OS. No dock at the bottom of the page, and that's what I was most hoping for.

Any Suggestions?
Anirudh Acharya said…
Thank you :)

Download the PDF docs on Mac4Lin downloads page. It has instructions to get the dock up and running.
Luigi Viggiano said…
Hi. I also would like the window title buttons on the right; I checked the download page and the forum too but I can't find how to do it. Can you post a link to this info?

Another thing that is annoying me is that the windows have a very tight border so it is very difficult to resize them using the touchpad, it would help to have another theme with a slight larger borders.

Luigi Viggiano said…
Hi. I found the docs. If you have any solution for making the window borders larger (and make it easier to resize using the touchpad, it would be fantastic)
Unknown said…
I dont think Mac has a good time this season

Windows 7 vlasted out with flying colors leaving Linux and Mac Besides.

BTW am a linux user
Anirudh Acharya said…
To make the window borders thicker, I'd haf to rewrite the whole window border again. Let me see what can I do.
Anirudh Acharya said…
No comments :)
Anonymous said…
I installed this theme. I know that you have worked a lot. But just to point out some things.

The side bar in nautilus is thick and it looks ugly

The tabs looks really bad.

transperancy doesnt look good in the gdm theme

without the window animations(like drag/drop in list view etc..) this theme just make me feel as if I am using a cheap chinese mac copy.
Anirudh Acharya said…
1) I don't think GTK allows control of the nautilus sidebar.

2) Thats a GTK limitation. GTK provides no customization of tabs (centrally aligned tabs etc) except skin it.

3) Any suggestions about the GDM?
Anonymous said…
It goes without saying, but there are, obviously, areas where the Linux desktop can't replicate the Mac's. Still, if you like the Cupertino look for your system, Mac4Lin is an easy way to get there, without an afternoon-consuming step-by-step process. My Blog : earn money chao!
Andy said…

First I have to say, I LOVE MAC4LIN!!

I run Ubuntu 9.04 with Gnome, is there an "easy" way to get that top menu that you use on the top screenshot???

I would love to have the Apple-logo and a menu that behaves like the menu bar on a mac.

Anirudh Acharya said…
Glad you like Mac4Lin :)

That top menu is GlobalMenu. You can download Mac4Lin documentation by click "All files" from the Mac4Lin page. It has instructions to setup GlobalMenu. Check out the Help forum to know how to replace the GNOME-foot with any icon.
Anonymous said…
Hi, i have downloaded mac4lin v1.0 and then when i go to theme and install i cant find the metacity theme anywhere i can see aqua, graphite and stuff but not metacity plz help
Anirudh Acharya said…
The metacity themes are inside those Aqua and Graphite GTK theme. If you copy those themes (after extracting) to your ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes directory the metacity themes will show up in the Appearances > Theme
Anonymous said…
So I stumbled upon this earlier today and I like how it looks a lot, however, I'm having an isssue with the network monitor.

When I log in, the network monitor icon in my status bar won't work. I saw there was an issue with this for an older one on another page, but not for this one.

Any thoughts?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anirudh Acharya said…
Which distro and version of GNOME do you use? Actually in the latest version of Ubuntu, Network Monitor was removed and a manual installation never worked.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, forgot to include some of those details, ha!

I've got Ubuntu 9.10. I'm trying to get a screen shot, but flickr won't upload my picture.
timesurfer said…
hey Anirudha,

really a nice piece of work!!
really enjoyed it a lot.

recently i shifted to XFCE and tried the same but it doesn't look fully automated for xfce as it is for Gnome.

Mac4lin guide says that some part user himself need to enable.

is there any steps i'd need to follow for that or you have it precompiled :)

i didn't get UI on VLC and some other apps in xfce but got it working in first go in Gnome

Anirudh Acharya said…
If it's just VLC then the procedure to install is not different. But I am supposing that VLC has the install procedure changed or something. Just speculating there. Not sure.

What other stuff did you not get working in Xfce?
Anonymous said…
What about network manager icon. My friend installed mac4lin and this applet disappeared. Can it be somehow repaired? Tnx for answer.
Anirudh Acharya said…
Which Linux distro does your friend use? Mac4Lin does not fiddle with any apps. Maybe the applet was removed from the top panel?
Anonymous said…
This is really great using Linux Mint 11 perfect ..really good work ..thanks.
Abhishek said…
Thanks for the post. I was searching for this for my friend.
Anonymous said…
The default clearlooks and space theme looks better in debian than mac4lin. The aqua application button text is cut off on my 19 LCD with 1440x900. Your theme may work on higher resolutions, but not this dell monitor:(

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