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Mac4Lin - Tested and Awarded by

We are happy to tell you Mac4Lin has been included in our list of software.Our team of editors test all programs and write a review on those which are thought to be useful for the users who visit our website. After that, they have decided to award your software, so it will be highlighted from the rest of software in the same category.
This is the mail I got from the team. Mac4Lin has been tested and awarded by that website. To read review, head to Mac4Lin page on

Elections in Karnataka...

With Elections around in Karnataka there has been much campaigning by all political parties. Bangalore voted on 10th May (Saturday). The turn out was comparatively poor. And yes, I did not contribute to the "poor turnout". I got my index finger inked! Frankly, I don't want any party to form a government at the state level; we are much better off without any goverment! But I voted for a candidate who had done good to the locality and who's been doing good since quite some time.

The noise due to campaigning was getting unbearable and I also piled up a huge number of pamphlets. A good source of income, I must say! Oh.. Raddiwala... if you didn't get it ;)

University finalized..

Finally I decided on the University - North Carolina State University. NC State is on the East Coast and has India-like weather. The summers are hot with temps touching about 36 C and winters are not too cold with temps dropping to about -3 C. NCSU has one of the best Indian Students' Association aptly called "Maitri"

Got my I-20 today. Gotta proceed with admission formalities accordingly now.