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Essays, Essays and more essays....

I got the official GRE results today. So now the task of writing essays awaits me. I gotta prepare Statement of Purpose and get Letters of Recommendation from the faculty of my Department.

SoP is a real time sucker! I hope I'm able to finish it by the time I get my TOEFL results so that I can apply as soon as I get the results.

Icon theme for GNOME 2.20 & Updated Documentation

A new Icon theme for GNOME 2.20 and Mac4Lin Documentation Rev. 1.1 (PDF) which covers installation instructions for GNOME 2.20 have now been released!

Check them out at: Mac4Lin at

Plz report any bugs.

Today has been the day of highest downloads: 110GB and still counting..... Total downloads haf been over 580GB till this day! Over 46000 downloads haf been recorded!! I never imagined this project would scale such heights. I thank everyone for their support. Plz keep the suggestions/complaints/bugs/feedback flowing. It'll help in the betterment of this project :)

Mac4Lin ver.0.3 Released!

Mac4Lin version 0.3 Released!

24th October 2007

Mac4Lin is back! A new version, more changes, better looks and an overall more polished product. Please read changelog for information of changes in this version. It gives me immense pleasure to inform all that downloads have crossed 110 GB till date!

Mac4Lin now comes with a unified documentation in PDF format. Please go through this for illustrated installation instructions. Also some entities like GTK theme/Pidgin etc. now include two versions. Hence individual README files are only included if there is any need to convey release specific important information to the user which the generic documentation does not include. Read the README file for more details, in such cases.

With the release of GNOME 2.20, there have been issues reported with the Icon theme. Work is going on to make the theme compatible with GNOME 2.20 (found in OpenSUSE 10.3/Ubuntu 7.10 - Gusty etc.). There will be a separate release of Icon theme for GNOME 2.20. Users of…

I am free!!!!

Yes, at last.... I'm free from ETS' clutches. TOEFL out and down! I can now relax for a couple of dayz. I must say it was one of the worst environment in which I gave the test. Sound proof rooms were missing and Damn! everyone had the same set of questions in the speaking section. Its hard to concentrate in that situation. You do not hear everything yet thats enough to distract you. Anyways its over am I am happy about it :)

GRE is history!

I've left GRE behind. Its over and I feel so relaxed. Scored 750 and 490. Next is TOEFL on 17th October. But I don't get the feel to prepare for it. Blame GRE for that! Everything seems so calm. Yeah, exactly like the lull before the storm. A bigger task lies ahead for me. The task of applying to various universites.

Countdown to GRE

The countdown begins......

I'm tired of preparation and frankly, sick of the verbal section! Feeling frustrated. Just want this to get over as soon as possible!

Mac4Lin hits half century!

The Mac4Lin Project has clocked half a century downloads! Yeah, the total downloads haf crossed the 50GB mark till date! I thank everyone for supporting me :)

I'm working on version 0.3 of Mac4Lin. Expect a release in under 10 dayz. Keep checking this blog/project website.