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Mac4Lin version 0.2 Released!

I am happy to announce the version 0.2 release of the Mac4Lin Project. Version 0.1 alpha has received an overwhelming response. People have used and liked it and the downloads (as on this day) have touched about 6GB!!! Lots of comments/suggestions/bugs were received and I have tried to iron out all the bugs known till this day. This update also brings a whole lot of new things. See the changelog for changes.

Special thanks to Victor of vsdigital for provding the Firefox Safari Skin, lukeen of for providing GNOME panel Leopard-like backgrounds and thanks to everyone who tested the version 0.1 alpha. Because of this I'm assigning version 0.2-stable to this release. Keep visiting the project website for more updates.

Apply it, flaunt it, enjoy it! :)

For any suggestions/comments/complaints/feedback/bug tracking please drop by here or send me a mail:

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Project Website:
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Hunting universities

Since the past 2 dayz I haf been gathering info about various universities. Hunting each university's website, getting down to the department I'm interested in, going thru the course/curriculum, reading the admission info etc. Boy! I must say that it sure is a tedious and boring job! I think preping and appearing for GRE is better than this!!! :(

Life after college

Now that I am officially out of college, its a different life. I had been to college today for some work. That refreshed my memories, looking back at the dayz I spent there with my friends.... The classroom, the canteen, the gathering hot spots, the exam/internals study corners, the fest ads, the labs and so much more. I miss those golden dayz :(