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Transcend StoreJet 25 Mobile 250GB

I needed an external HDD to carry my data and was looking at the options since a week. I'd zeroed in on either Western Digital Passport or the Transcend StoreJet. Went to the electronic market to buy and saw that the WD Passport is almost on its way out. Nowhere was it available. Instead everywhere it was being replaced by WD Elements. The build quality was quite flimsy and somehow it didn't appeal to me. In the end I bought a Transcend StoreJet 25 Mobile 250GB USB 2.0.

I must say that I'm pretty impressed by this device. It has the toughest protection I've ever seen for an external drive (apparently meets the US Military drop test). Speed is impressive; a sustained 28 MB/s. Phew.. Thats fffffffaaaaaaaaast! It also has one-touch backup and sync button (works only in Windows with the StoreJet Elite software). The included Windows software lets you backup, sync, encrypt data etc.

Would I recommend this product? Certainly! :)

MS in the US, a guide: Part THREE

3) Post admit work to be completed

This part picks up where Part TWO left off. One important information I forgot to give in the previous part was regarding the Transcripts and Degree Certificate. You will need to apply for at least 20 copies of Transcripts (considering that on an average you are applying to about 6 Universities) and about 4-5 attested copies of your degree certificate (or provisional degree certificate, if you've just completed or will be graduating soon). Your current university may charge you some fee for this. So get in touch with them and apply for your Transcripts/DC/PDC just about a fortnight before your GRE as it may take sometime for the university to process your request.

The universities will mostly start informing the students about admits from mid-March. The latest by which one can afford to get the "admit" news is by mid-June. You need to login to your account on the Universities' Graduate Admissions'/Application webpage and check the…