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Here I am again...

Yeah.. I know.. I know.. its been a looooooong time since I bored everyone. So here I am, doing what I am best at - boring people with the content on my blog!

So whats new in my life?? Quite a few things...

First gOS is getting a new look. It will be an OS to look forward to! So guys and gals, get ready to witness one of the most web-centric OS'!

I replaced my laptop with a new Desktop. Its big, bad and noisy! But then can't help it.. performance comes with a price!

FOSS India guys did mail me a questionnaire regading Mac4Lin and FOSS India Awards, which I dutifully answered. Expecting that to see in the next Issue :) BTW, this month DIGIT also gave away Mac4Lin on its DVD.

Oh yes, I finally got calls from UTD and NCSU. Some universities are yet to reply. So waiting for that before I take a decision.

What else? Hmmm.. I guess thats enough for this week! :D