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My iNav Remix - iPhone and iPod Touch UI

My iTouch looked drab. It was screaming for a new UI, a new fresh face and so I got to work! Once a UI developer always a UI developer (no matter what platform :D). I took iNav and modded it to my liking - integrating widgets, editing the main menu, revamping the dock among numerous other things. I present you the iNav ANi Remix! Haf a look at the pics floating around this post. Kudos to the base iNav :)

This UI has been customized for iPod Touch, however by placing the Phone and Text/SMS icons this interface can be converted to an iPhone UI.
For those of you who dunno how to install it, I'm gonna quote the procedure. I'm too lazy to type :P Btw, before you proceed make sure you haf a jailbroken iPhone/iTouch for this (obviously!). If you are comfortable with SSH'ing into your device and uploading files then don't bother reading this tutorial! :D


iPhone/iPod Touch with 2.2.1 Firmware (Tested, might work with older firmware)
Categories V2.23 (Tested, Might Work with …

Can't leave comments on my blog? Now you can :)

Since the past couple of days I've been wondering about the '0 comments' phenomenon on my blog. It didn't strike to me till date that the recent posts were starving for comments. I guess many of you must've noticed that the ability to leave comments on my blog was completely non-functional since sometime. I dug into the template code and could find absolutely nothing. After much head-breaking, it hit on me that I'd enabled the option to embed comments in the posts which was causing the 'kirik' (Bangaloreans will understand this :P)

Finally its back to normal. You can now leave your comments on my blog. A handy pop-up window will help you abuse me now :)


I'm sure everyone of you must've noticed the 'new, improved' TwitterBook, err... I mean Facebook. I personally do not like Twitter and keep away from it. Facebook is a nice platform (for the public as well as the web developers, I'm sure the latter will in no way disagree with me!).

But the new Facebook is bad, really bad. A complete Twitter rip off and also tries to act smart by integrating Twitter. Why, oh Why did you haf to do this, Facebook? The main interface is a complete mess now, worser than my trash can. The Wall is hidden behind another 'wall', all the 'cool and innovative' Facebook features are now lost in the oblivion and all I can see on the homepage is now garbage!

What do you all think? Do you like the new Facebook?

SVN: MKCOL 405 Method Not Allowed Error

I had just pulled down Mac4Lin files from the SVN repo and was to reupload them yesterday. This time I decided to upload each folder separately, one by one. The first folder (directory for UNIX people) was properly uploaded. When I did and 'svn add ' the folder got successfully added. Next when I did an 'svn commit -m "message"', I got this dreaded error:

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: MKCOL of '': 405 Method Not Allowed ()

I kept scratching my head for a long time as to why this kept happening. I was finally able to fix it. After an 'svn commit', all I had to do was an 'svn checkout '. The local copy would then be sync'd with the remote copy, brining it up to the same revision. I could then proceed to adding new folders/files and then svn commit'ting'.

It turns out that the folder previously added/uploaded needs to haf proper revision before the new folder can be added. Otherwise, svn will treat it as trying to uplo…

Happy Holi!

Holi, also known as the Festival of colors is celebrated by Indians on the full moon day of the Phalguna month (usually falls in the month of March in Georgian calender). People put colors on each other to celebrate holi. While there are about 2 theories behind the origin of the festival, it is best known as the 'Spring Festival' to all.

Interested in knowing more about Holi? Head here.

We, at NC State are celebrating Holi on 15th March, 2009. Here's wishing everybody a Happy and Safe Holi :)

Howto: Use Subversion (and pull Mac4Lin v1.0 RC2 from SVN)

I have been getting a lot of mails and posts on various forums asking me about the procedure to use 'subversion' to pull Mac4Lin v1.0RC2 files from the repo. Here is a post describing the same.

Your OS may or may not have 'subversion' package installed. To check if its installed, open a Terminal window and type: 'svn'. If you get a positive reply (something like: 'Type 'svn help' for usage) then skip to Step 2. If not, goto Step 1.

Step 1: Install subversion on your OS. The procedure for some commonly used OS' are given below:

1) Ubuntu: In a terminal window type: 'sudo apt-get install subversion'
2) Fedora: 'yum install subversion'
3) openSUSE: Use yast2/yast to install the package: 'subversion'
4) Arch Linux: 'pacman -Sy subversion'
5) Mac OS X: Download this DMG and install SVN (Courtesy: Coding Monkeys)
6) OS Independent: Download the 'subversion' source files from here.

For any other OS, please refer to their…