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Update: Grad School, Mac4Lin and more...

Its been about 4 days since I'm back from my New York trip. Still gotta get out of the "vacation mood". But the sad part is that today is the last day of my vacations and classes begin from tomorrow; more accurately the "Spring 2009" semester beings at NC State University. This time I've enrolled for 4 courses which includes an MBA course. I'm either too brave or too foolish to do so. Time will tell :D

This is the time when everyone starts applying for internships and so haf I. Nobody is hiring though, everybody is firing! :P Stuff in the US is just unpredictable. The stock market, the job scenario, the weather, the fuel prices.. just about everything! Analysts say the market will stabilize in an year. Its just wait and watch for everybody.

The weather is kind of depressing and will be the same all through the month. Hafn't seen the sun since days. Its been raining continuously since the past few days. Get quite cold and may snow this month. The only…