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A trip to remember...

With my mid-terms over, it was time for some outing. We hadn't been anywhere since our classes started. Class - Home - Lab and the cycle continued! Two cents of Hope (TCH) team decided to plan an outing to Asheville. Its like a "small" hill station, something like Ooty in India. About 30 of us in three 11 seater cars drove to Asheville on 18th October 2008. The Fall season is just beginning to show its colors. The leaves on the trees change from green to yellow then to red/pink color and finally fall off. This change is called 'Fall Colors'.

This phenomenon has just begun and trees are half green, half yellow in Raleigh as of now. To see Fall colors in full glory Asheville was the perfect place and we hit the road. The temperature was close to 0C there.

The trip was wonderful... a trip to remember. The photos can be seen in the right frame - Now Playing.

PS: I know I need to update the MS in US and the Mac4Lin posts. I'll do it soon.