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Long due update

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog; four and a half months to be exact! A lot has changed. I left Raleigh, NC; moved to San Diego, CA; joined Qualcomm as a full time employee; Schumacher joined McLaren; Sania wed Shoaib (not that I care!); Facebook suddenly became the new bad-guy-on-the-block... Boy! So much has changed since I last blogged. It seems like a whole new world!

Summers will be here in San Diego in a couple of days. The weather is beautiful now. Long weekend's round the corner.

Aaah... I admit it. I have nothing to post. This is probably the most "scattered-idea" post of mine, ever! This marks the birth of a new tag for my posts - 'Bullshit'!

PS: How can I miss this! Lucid Lynx was released recently and it broke some parts of Mac4Lin. I am working on the fixes, albeit slowly. I don't find much time due to my full-time job; but I am trying my best!