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My first application for Graduate studies

Today is a day of relaxation. I submitted my application to two universities (Ohio State University and University of California, Santa Barbara). One week of hectic life ended yesterday; filling up the online application, readying all the supporting documents, finishing my Statement of Purpose, requesting my Professors for Letters of Recommendation etc. All this has given me a week of sleepless nights!

More work ahead. But then everyone needs a break and here I am, getting my much needed break!

FOSS India awards

Mac4Lin has been included in the "Approved Projects" category contending for FOSS India Awards! About 37 Projects are in the list. Its a matter of pride for me :)

The whole list can be seen here: Project List

Mac4Lin project page is here: Mac4Lin

Guys, please leave your feedback/comments on this page. It will help Mac4Lin Project at the FOSS India Awards: Leave your comments here

A birthday to remember.....

I had a wonderful birthday, yesterday; though I'd thought otherwise. We are a group of 11 and celebrate each other's birthday with much fanfare. However, things are different this year. Most of us are scattered all over the country. Everyone's busy with their jobs.

I didn't how what to do, since only 3 of us remain in this city. But Raveesh and Bhavya surprised me with a Card, Gift and a Cake :)

One of the first to wish me on my birthday was my sis. Wishes came pouring in from everywhere, relatives, friends, seniors, teachers, professors.. everyone! I'm so happy :)

Mac4Lin reaches a new milestone!

Mac4Lin Downloads: 1 TeraByte (TB) and counting......

I wanna thank everyone for their support :)