A birthday to remember.....

I had a wonderful birthday, yesterday; though I'd thought otherwise. We are a group of 11 and celebrate each other's birthday with much fanfare. However, things are different this year. Most of us are scattered all over the country. Everyone's busy with their jobs.

I didn't how what to do, since only 3 of us remain in this city. But Raveesh and Bhavya surprised me with a Card, Gift and a Cake :)

One of the first to wish me on my birthday was my sis. Wishes came pouring in from everywhere, relatives, friends, seniors, teachers, professors.. everyone! I'm so happy :)


Charan said…
Happy Birthday ANi... :), Best of luck for you future :)
Mhac Janapin said…
I'm one happy Mac4Lin User. :-) Thank you very much. So let me greet you also a happy birthday. :-)

Anonymous said…
Id like to wish you a big happy birthday:) have a lovely day!!
Anirudh said…
Thank you everyone for the wishes :)
Brent said…
Happy Birthday!!! I love Mac4lin. I just cant seem to get AWN to work on ubuntu 7.10.
Belated Happy Birthday Wishes. Downloaded Mac4Lin lemme try it today :-)

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