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I've uploaded a few pics of my travel as well as the city I live in. Head here to my public albums on Picasa. The Raleigh city pics are "Now Playing" on the right pane as slideshow.

More pics in the pipeline. Boy! Its hot in here.. very very hot! We hardly step outta home these days. Its almost daylight bright till 8pm. Waiting for the Fall to completely set in.

Back to school!

Its back to school for me. Fall 2008 semester classes started today. Feels odd attending class after a year!

The university is huge.. take my word, it is insanely huge! The campus is spread over an unimaginable area. ECE and CS departments are given step-motherly treatment by separating them from the main campus. Not that its bad or something but its away from the library which houses Xbox 360s and PS3s :D lol...

Few pics of my university:

Clockwise from top:

1) The ECE/CS building at Centennial Campus where my classes are conducted.

2) The famous tall Bell tower of NCSU.

3) That building is our library. Yes, you saw it right... its 7 floors tall!

Sorry for the interruption.. rukawat ke liye khed hai!

Won't be online regularly for a week or so now.. at least till I settle there down. Only thing I'm worried about: non-stop 16 hours journey at a stretch :(

So Mac4Lin, MS Guide and other work would be temporarily under suspension. Will get back soon.

So long folks, see ya soon.....