Sorry for the interruption.. rukawat ke liye khed hai!

Won't be online regularly for a week or so now.. at least till I settle there down. Only thing I'm worried about: non-stop 16 hours journey at a stretch :(

So Mac4Lin, MS Guide and other work would be temporarily under suspension. Will get back soon.

So long folks, see ya soon.....


T said…
ddd :p

how's the transition ? I want some pics for there :D
Manan said…
Great! I come to your blog and you say you won't be active.
Anirudh Acharya said…
Sure buddy... I will.. just taking sometime settling down here.

Don't worry dude, I'll be up fulltime soon ;)
Rajbir said…
abe yaar usa chala bhi gya? good luck bro!
keep in touch

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