Back to school!

Its back to school for me. Fall 2008 semester classes started today. Feels odd attending class after a year!

The university is huge.. take my word, it is insanely huge! The campus is spread over an unimaginable area. ECE and CS departments are given step-motherly treatment by separating them from the main campus. Not that its bad or something but its away from the library which houses Xbox 360s and PS3s :D lol...

Few pics of my university:

Clockwise from top:

1) The ECE/CS building at Centennial Campus where my classes are conducted.

2) The famous tall Bell tower of NCSU.

3) That building is our library. Yes, you saw it right... its 7 floors tall!


Rajbir said…
Whoa! Xbox 360s & PS3s :O
Anirudh Acharya said…
Lol.. more than that Rajbir! We XBox 360s, Wiis, PS3s, shamelessly huge HDTVs, Macbook Air and every freaking gadget you can think of in this world! And whats more? Students are issued these.. hehe.. so we hang out mostly in the library.. :D
T said…
So its more like a long vacation full of all kind of gizmos...lolz
The infrastructure is awesome.
Rajbir said…
I am coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor me, I am no longer a student :(
Cad said…
Abe yeh University hai ya 5 star Hotel ??
Enjoying :D
Abe khali buildings ki photo hi dikhayega.
Aur waha ki Ladkiyon ke bare mein tumhara kya vichar hai :lol:
Rajbir said…
^^ Bilkul sahi bola re (Zindagi mein pehli baar) :D

Building ke andar photography allowed hai to plz pics post karna aur Cad ki demand bhi poori karna :P
Quiz_Master said…
Ohhh My..... This is Heaven for a Student...
Awesome.. Do post some pics of your staying place or of inside library IF possible.
Anirudh Acharya said…
@ T
Yep, it sure is a heaven. But when projects and assignments start its gonna be tuff. Par kasht karne se hi krishna milta hai :D hehe.. NCSU is a tech freak's dream come true.

@ Rajbir
You can apply too, in the field of Science or engineering or literature or any freaking course you want to. The program is very diverse here.

@ Cad
Lol.. for sure. Watch out for more pics. The firangs are mostly in the main campus (where library is situated). At EC/CS buildings in the Centennial Campus there are only Desis.. only desis! An American feels that he's in some other country in this campus :D lol..

@ Ashwin
Watch out for more pics.

And did I mention that everywhere (in the campus/at our home) we haf a minimum 10mbps wireless net connection?!?!! hehe... but sadly no time to fully utilize it! :(
Anonymous said…
Hey DoDo!
Dun ya think to visit heaven, all u need is an air-ticket? ;)
Hey, settle down fast n ask dad to take off. Call 'em in!
Btw, Chd lacks protable HDDs. Nothing available last weekend.
Pal got Lappie hdd + adaptor!! :-Þ
he he..
Chilling @ Thapar University
God Bless,
Anirudh said…
Abe anonymous post kyon kar raha hai?!??! Air tickets to heaven? Go stand on a national highway :D hehe...

No portable HDD at CHD??!! I'm surprised!

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