Can't leave comments on my blog? Now you can :)

Since the past couple of days I've been wondering about the '0 comments' phenomenon on my blog. It didn't strike to me till date that the recent posts were starving for comments. I guess many of you must've noticed that the ability to leave comments on my blog was completely non-functional since sometime. I dug into the template code and could find absolutely nothing. After much head-breaking, it hit on me that I'd enabled the option to embed comments in the posts which was causing the 'kirik' (Bangaloreans will understand this :P)

Finally its back to normal. You can now leave your comments on my blog. A handy pop-up window will help you abuse me now :)


Anirudh said…
Hehe.. Yeah :D
Charan said…
Comments Not Working!!! :O ;) :twisted:
Anirudh said…
^^^ hehe.. that was good :P
haha... thanks. i google this problem and found the fix at your blog! thank you so much

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