Icon theme for GNOME 2.20 & Updated Documentation

A new Icon theme for GNOME 2.20 and Mac4Lin Documentation Rev. 1.1 (PDF) which covers installation instructions for GNOME 2.20 have now been released!

Check them out at: Mac4Lin at SF.net

Plz report any bugs.

Today has been the day of highest downloads: 110GB and still counting..... Total downloads haf been over 580GB till this day! Over 46000 downloads haf been recorded!! I never imagined this project would scale such heights. I thank everyone for their support. Plz keep the suggestions/complaints/bugs/feedback flowing. It'll help in the betterment of this project :)


jiho said…

This is a nice try to get a real OS X looking theme for GTK at last. I am very interested in using such a theme with GTK on OS X, to ensure better visual integration of the apps with the rest of the system. Keep up the good work but in the mean time take care to avoid being shut down by legal issues: distributing OS X icons may be a problem, distributing Apple's fonts is _surely_ a problem. There are important licensing issues for fonts. A font as Lucida Grande is probably worth several thousand $ and you'll surely have issues one day or another if distributing this widely.
Anirudh said…
Hi jiho,

Thanks for letting me know about this. I'll surely look into it.

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