University finalized..

Finally I decided on the University - North Carolina State University. NC State is on the East Coast and has India-like weather. The summers are hot with temps touching about 36 C and winters are not too cold with temps dropping to about -3 C. NCSU has one of the best Indian Students' Association aptly called "Maitri"

Got my I-20 today. Gotta proceed with admission formalities accordingly now.


Rajbir said…
Congrats Ani :)
Anirudh Acharya said…
Thanks Rajbir :) Got a hell lot of formalities to complete!
Jagandeep said…
Are Bhai Mubarak Ho

Congratulations! I hope you like North Carolina. It has a noticeably large Indian community.

I live in Maryland...
Anirudh Acharya said…
Thanks bhai :)

Yeah, true. Are you a student too?
Haha. No, I'm not a university student. I'm not that old...

I'm a 13 year old Indian kid with no life living in Maryland.

That means you're 10 years older than me.
Anirudh Acharya said…
lol.. "no life" hehe...
Well, between a life of school, which is very demanding as I enter high school, private tennis lessons, Bala Vihar, separate classes in Tamil, and private lessons in Calculus, I have barely any time left.

Yep, I'm 13 and I'm learning Calculus... I think that reinforces the fact that I'm of Indian heritage and as all Indians, I'm pushed to the limit by my parents. Just in a different country though.

Hence, I have "no life".

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