Mac4Lin ver.1.0 Release Candidate

Mac4Lin is back!

This is the version 1.0 Release Candidate. Some components are still under development. Currently the shell script is not able to set the GDM theme, cursor theme, sounds, emerald theme. They need to be manually set.

Also components like Firefox3, Thunderbird theme, awn theme/plugins etc. are still under development. The Mozilla themes may not be stable. Hence use the non-core components of Mac4Lin at your own risk. Documentation is still in the pipeline. I decided to release the RC anyway so that patrons can start using it and update to the stable version when development is complete.

Whats new: Mac4Lin v1.0 RC - 9th September, 2008

New! Automated Installer in the form of a shell script
New GDM theme
Supports the newest version of GNOME and Xfce
New Mozilla themes specifically built for Mac4Lin
Adium style AWN status icons for Pidgin
Mac style scrollbars, menus
Other tweaks in GTK theme
Adium sounds for Pidgin
New usplash

Keeping up the tradition I'm including the download stats. alone has served about 10.4TB as on today! I'm also happy to announce that Mac4Lin was one of the winners of FOSS Awards 2008.


Download the Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC.tar.gz archive to any folder. Extract the archive and run file.

For any suggestions/comments/complaints/feedback/bug tracking please drop by my blog or send a mail:

My E-Mail id: infra_red_dude [A.T] users [D.O.T]
Project Website:

Edit: Mac4Lin v1.0 RC2 now available via SVN. The GTK Splash hasn't been left out this time! Head to this post.


T said…
I installed it and checked to see a few notable changes like scroll bar arrows which are at the bottom now. Looks good.

First thing is that menu is not completely round at bottom, on a white background I can see greyish corners. Its not transparent.

Icon for GIMP is of photoshop, a Gimpish icon will be good.

When is the final version releasing ?
tao said…
great work :D well done with all the hard work! it is very detailed, easy to install and cooool.
tao said…
seriously WOW, I have been playing for a few minutes now and it is Sooooo detailed, great work. I had to change the Home Folder icon from the house to a computer (the house looks a little hmmm) but the whole thing is just so well done! love it :-)
Anirudh said…
Yes, its true that the rounded menus are just an illusion. GTK doesn't allow rounded ones afaik (or prolly they do now and I've not updated myself).

What I can do is try editing the pixmap and play with the corners' alpha channel. Lemme see what I can do.

Glad you like Mac4Lin! Comments, suggestions, complaints are most welcome :)
Anonymous said…
So we can now install OSX Apps in Linux? Hence the name MAC 4 Lin? If so awesome otherwise we end up with a pretty gui that runs the same TIRED old apps...
Anirudh said…
No, you cannot install OS X Apps on Linux coz there is no backend to run Cocoa apps developed for Mac OS X. But you sure can get the slick interface of OS X on Linux with Mac4Lin :)
Evan said…
Hi, brilliant package! I've got everything running the way i want it but the only problem i have is that the 'main-start' icon is a foot, and not an apple logo. I tried googling it but I can't find an apple icon to replace the foot, could you please point me in the right direction?
Anirudh said…
Hi Even,

Glad you liked the package. The icon set is supposed to work that way. The Apple icon is not a part of the package due to copyright issues. It is replaced by the GNOME foot instead.

You can however, put in any icon you like in place of it. Just head to ~/.icons/[Mac4Lin icons folder]/scalable/places and replace the foot icon with whatever you like :)
shreyas parikh said…
yes its very nice themes but when i install its left some file to cpoied in fedora 8
Anirudh said…
Can you give a bit more details as to which files you found missing?
Alessandro said…
Great works! However I could not find folder GTK_Splash into extracted Mac4Lin folder. So I don't know how configure GTK Splash as described at page 14 of Mac4Lin manual.
Please help.

Thnak you
Alessandro said…
What about Rhythmbox AWN folder? I found no documantation about it.
Thanks again!
Anirudh said…

1) That was a goof up on my part. I forgot to include the folder! ;) However, you can download the previous version of Mac4Lin and get the GTK Splash screen from there.

2) The Rhythmbox folder is for AWN plugin which displays album art on AWN. You need to install that in Rhythmbox.
Anonymous said…
Firstly great work. I really love it.

I read through the PDF manual and completed all the steps except the GTK_Splash folder.

Is there a way I can get the previous version of mac4lin from somewhere ?
Anirudh said…
^^^ Thank You. Glad you liked it :) You can get the previous versions of Mac4Lin from the Download page. When you get there, click on "mac4lin". You will be presented with all the releases.

Here is the link anyways:
Anonymous said…
I don't suppose there's any way you could provide instructions for installing the rhythmbox plugin could you?
Anirudh said…
^^^ Hey, thanks for pointing out that. I will include that in the latest docs. Just extract the plugin and place it in /home/[YOUR_USERNAME]/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ folder. Add a launcher for Rhythmbox to AWN and you are good to go :)

Btw, Mac4Lin 1.0RC2 is now in subversion. Check out the Mac4Lin's svn page and you can download that :)
rafo.dillon said…
Hi man, I just wanna great work with the icons! I made a few arrengements to the audio icons, those are here - . And I have a question, which icon do I have to change so the VLC and the Deluge icons on the tray changed by any I pick? I tried changing the icons on /EXTRAS but nothing happened... any clue? Thanks for your time!
Anirudh Acharya said…
Those icons are mostly either in /apps directory or in /usr/share/pixmaps. Thats the tricky part - the tray icons.
rafo.dillon said…
@Anirudh Acharya:
Alright man, thank you very much! XD Hope I can make it work =P

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