Back to school...

Summer full of enjoyment and a trip back to India. What more could one want??? Studies and Classes??? Its the same ol' routine again - class, home, cooking, projects, assignments! Well, hopefully this will be my last semester at Graduate School. Will "try" to enjoy my time!

The palatial home at San Diego, the work at Qualcomm, the beautiful San Diego, my home in Bangalore, Mum's delicious dishes - I waved a bye bye to all that for the time being and am back to being a student at the hot-and-humid Raleigh. I'm eagerly waiting for winters. I hate summer in Raleigh.

My trip to India was really good. Its always nice to see your near and dear ones :) Most of the time I was home, helping my family pack as they are moving to a different place. Met friends, family. Had a nice time. About the travel, I'd like to caution people traveling on Lufthansa. The journey wasn't particularly a pleasant one. Especially my last leg of journey Frankfurt to Bangalore. It was an old Jumbo Jet (747) with almost absolutely no in-flight entertainment. Only I know how I managed that journey squeezed in the middle seat. If you are traveling on that route fully load and charge your iPods. You gonna need abundant supply of entertainment. So make sure your iPods are faithful!

More to come...


Rajendra said…
It was too short a trip Anirudh. Nevertheless we had nice time, hopefully, you will have a nice and comfortable flight next time when you visit. Eagerly waiting for your next visit.

Anirudh Acharya said…
Yes, hopefully next trip would be longer than this one!
bollarajendra` said…
hai anirudh i think u r indian

if with hss-->>
Hindu Swayam Sevak sangh


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