Voting in India...

Its election time in India and polls are held state-wise. Being in the US I neither had the opportunity to vote nor to nullify my vote (well, if not for me I'm sure noticing my absence at the polling booth some smart@ss must've cast a vote in my name!). I remember the last time I got my finger 'inked'. I'd voted when in Bangalore just a month before I left for Raleigh.

This time I'm eager to see what the results would be since its a 'bigger' poll. Did you cast your vote? If yes, then what was the scene like at the polling booth? If not, then what was the reason for the abstinence? Did you not wanna vote or were you unable to? If you didn't wanna vote, did you know that you could nullify your vote? You can leave your comments to this post :)

On a lighter note, here is something which I couldn't resist posting. Haf a look at the Bachchan family in the pic... I fell off my chair when I first saw it! :P

Source: The Hindu


Anonymous said…
Abhishek really seems to be giving the crowd the middle finger. Rest still seem somewhat dignified. As for Jaya, she is hiding her embarrassment behind the laugh.
happy now?
now stop studying and come out and have fun!
-guess who.
Anirudh said…
Haha.. The pic is cut till Jaya Bachchan's hand. You never know :P
Manan said…
Love the new theme! BTW me voted! All that crap about be repsonsible & vote is crap! I feel as helpless today as I did till the day before I voted. :|
Anirudh said…
Glad that you voted! Well, you should be happy that you voted. Its not just about being 'responsible'. All I care for is that not a single uncast vote should be used up by the crooks. I was helpless and couldn't prevent that.

And yep.. this is a nice theme! :)

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