California calling.. 20 miles to go...

This is a song from Enrique's album - Seven. The song is apt for this post. Landed in San Diego, California yesterday. San Diego is the second largest city in CA and rated as the finest city of the US. Well, I could see that yesterday, why!

The San Diego International Airport is located just by the bay. So when the flight lands or takes off you can see the harbor along the side. Magnificent view! The photo expresses the details stronger than words (Click to enlarge. Photo courtesy: Google) I wasn't able to click any pics as it was just too cloudy yesterday. This airport is the busiest single runway airport in the US. Its astonishing to see how every take-off and landing is managed in this single-runway airport. Flights are seldom delayed.

The city is beautiful with palm trees all over the sides on every road. High rise buildings dot the city. The place I live in is called La Jolla. Its a suburb of San Diego. The place is pronounced 'lə-HOY-ə'. This place has a lot of Spanish influence; streets, buildings etc. mostly haf a Spanish name. We are yet to explore the area.

The climate is pleasant now with temperatures hovering about 15-16C. Summers are hot but not as hot as Raleigh, NC and so are the winters. Climate is somewhat closer to Bangalore (though winters are much colder).

A lot of technology companies exist in this area. I would be interning with Qualcomm Inc. in the Graphics Division for the next 3 months. They are responsible for development of GPU for mobile devices. The work would be interesting as it is related to my field of specialization.

More to come as we explore California...


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