Oscars 2009: And the winners are...

Oscars 2009, a big event as always. Well I guess everybody had predicted that Slumdog Millionaire would win awards, but not as many as it won!

There was no doubt that Heath "The Joker" Ledger would win an award. In fact, I liked his acting in the movie "The Dark Knight" so much that IMHO he should've been nominated for Best Actor instead of Best Supporting Actor. He was simply amazing in the movie. The award for "Make up" should've surely gone for The Dark Knight. I feel Heath Ledger's make up was the best of all times. Kate Winslet was good in the movie The Reader and I guess she deserved. I don't see any reason why Penelope Cruz was awarded the Best Supporting Actress!

As for "our" Slumdog Millionaire, I suppose it was nominated for 10 categories out of which it won 8! Thats an amazing feat that too by a "semi-Indian" movie. I've seen the movie and feel the movie was good but not an exceptional one. A.R.Rahman sure is one great music director but again I feel there was nothing out-of-this-world music in the movie. Not that I'm criticizing the number of awards this movie won, just that I feel some awards like Music (Song), Film Editing had nothing to do with the movie. What do you all feel? Did the movie of "Indian origin" win this time only coz it had a "Foreign director"? Do you all feel it was worth its weight for all of the 8 awards it won??


Tao said…
It was a very good movie, I hope it stimulates more outside interest to india and that it encourages indians to push their movies out to a wider audience and not stick to the formulae they have been using now and forever.
Anirudh said…
I agree with the last part that Indians should push their movies to a wider audience. However, only the cast consisted of Indians while everything else was handled by 'non-Indians'. So in a way, the movie does not qualify as an Indian movie!! :)

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