Movie: Delhi-6

Its been movie time for me surrounded by exams. Saw Billu Barber last week. An average movie I must say. But Irrfan Khan has acted well. Lara Dutta was hopeless!

This week (actually just back sometime ago) I saw Delhi-6. Now I'm assuming (in fact, sure) that everyone reading this would haf seen Rang de Basanti. After such a movie the expectations from Rakeysh Mehra would surely be high. Delhi-6 falls in a different category. While its not a nation-awakening movie or such its like any other videsh-se-returned-love-your-country kind of movie. The plot is good. But I think the picturization could've been better. The movie has so many "cut-to"s that one may lose track of whats happening (a la Ghajni, eh? :D ).

Oh one interesting snippet: The movie is called Delhi-6 because it is picturized in Chandi Chowk, Delhi whose postal code is 110 006; hence the name Delhi - 6.

I guess its become a fad these days in Bollywood movies to include a couple of Hindi abuses and Delhi-6 is no different! Abhishek is an NRI and accompanies his Grandmother back to India (Delhi-6 - Chandni Chowk), to "leave" her where she wants to get back - her home. Everything is peaceful in the area, people of different religions live peacefully. Then comes the twist - Kala Bandar... what next???!! Ok sorry! No spoilers here... watch it! :D In a way, what the movie teaches about Kala Bandar sure is true.

The music is superb, no second thoughts about that. I recommend everyone to hear the songs. Overall I would rate the movie to be average to ok.

Go watch the movie, till then "Masakalli Masakalli... ud matakalli..." :D

PS: One thing I haf to mention is that like all typical Bollywood movies Abhishek comes back to life after dying; that too after interacting with his dead grandfather - Amitabh :D :P


Manan said…
Him coming to life is because of the whole "why did you kill aamir kahn & everyone else" "how the hell did you dare kill the lead actors" after RDB. It was in the papers few days before the movie was released that Mehra had to change the end to make it into a Happy ending one. think he wanted it to be similar to RDB.

And the movie deals very nicely with how fickle, blind & dumb our society can be. The metaphor that a monkey can make us fight with people who we consider our close friends is something he puts across quite effectively.
Anirudh said…
True its the stupid public thats hell bent on seeing the stereotype ending. I just loved RDB. It was different, very different.

The idea behind Delhi-6 sure is a strong one, but its just my opinion that it could've been picturized in a better way.

Anyways the most hilarious part was during the Kala Bandar song. Here in the US, it is mandatory to show English subtitles for every non-English movie; and there is this line in the song: Choos le, choos le life ki...

Boy! These guys literally translated it!!! :P When it flashed on the screen the whole theater was like laffing their tummy out :D :P
Manan said…
ROFL! So it's not only English to Hindi that can be hilarious! The other funny scene in the movie was when the kid & his uncle are talking about how much marks will he get & the kid says "shuru kisne kiya"
Anirudh said…
Hehe.. yeah. There were some funny moments for sure in the movie :D

BTW, I'm hooked to Masakalli Masakalli... :P
nri fun said…
Delhi6 is totally a different kind of movie directed by Rakesh Omm Prakash Mehera the legendary one. Special thing is Masakkalli (a pigeon) who really perfom too good.bollywood movies

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