Mac4Lin featured in Linux Magazine

Mac4Lin has been featured in the January 2009 issue of Linux Magazine. It has been included under title "Projects under move" alongwith AWN and pdfsam. Here is the link to the write-up.

The whole article can be found in PDF format here or you can always buy the print version and read it there ;)

Meanwhile, the Mac4Lin downloads page at has been updated with a new archive. This contains new themes and scripts. The themes fix the infamous "Engine Error" in the newest version of GNOME. The pack includes an updated installation script which does not attempt to set the GDM theme automatically. Also, a user contributed Mac4Lin uninstall script is now included in the pack.

Feel free to drop in any complaints/suggestions.

Edit: The link seems to be down. The PDF can be viewed here.


Anonymous said…
About to install Mac4Lin...should i wait for the 1.0 final or do you think it will take too long...don't want to get lost in patch-this, tweak-that stuff, but need to get it done too. Are the patches and such easy to put in?
Anirudh said…
^^^ Go ahead and install. When 1.0 final will be released it'll come with an installation script too. Other than the core components (GTK, icon, usplash) others remain unchanged.
I hadn't any problem in installing Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 on my Notebook HP Pavilion dv6215ea. Only a small surgical intervention was necessary: to avoid an error message of the installer, I had to add in /home/user name/Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1/.emerald a subdirectory "theme" beside the existing subdirectory "themes". This is all. A warm thank for your precious research work by an italian newbie. Giorgio Cittadini
Anirudh said…
Hey Giorgio,

Glad you like Mac4Lin and thanks for letting me know the edition you had to make. I will make a note of it.

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