Birthday Boy!

Being away from home you mostly don't feel like celebrating (unless of corz, you were "caged" at home! :P ), but then birthdays are something which get you in the mood; especially after getting your face painted with the cream!

About 10 of my friends were part of my birthday celebrations this year. Very thoughtfully they'd got a chocolate cake with my name "engraved" on it! The cake was looking just yummy. Poor cake.. if only it'd know its fate ;) After cutting the cake my face was "decorated" with the delicious cream, smeared all over!

We all had a ball on my birthday. The photos, as usual, are on my Picasa Album.

Being away from home I couldn't visit the orphanage this time on my birthday, unlike last year. But my wonderful mum went to the orphanage and spent time with the kids. Some simple things in life sure give us a lot of satisfaction :)


pathik said…
Whoa.. Nice cake.
Anirudh said…
lolz.. it was nice only until it was on the table. I could then feel the "nice" cake all over my face :P
Tweakwindows said…
Happy Birthday Anirudh.Found your site today:-0
Anirudh said…
^^^ Hey, thank you! :)

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