Two Cents of Hope...

What is the value of a cent? Well.. actually nothing in the US, but certainly something in India. Just like drops fill up a bucket, cents collectively mean a lot.

In their own words: The Power of Cents - "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land."

Two Cents of Hope (TCH) is all about creating a responsible and self-sustaining society. A society like this can be created by imparting education to the aspiring children and youth. TCH focuses on providing educational opportunities to deserving children and youth who crave to learn but cannot because of financial constraints and other such factors. The organization supports such deserving students against the harsh realities of life and makes an effort to help make their dreams come true.

Committed volunteers across the globe work closely in order to ensure that resources reach deserving students and monitor the progress of the student ensuring fairness and proper utilization of funds. It intends to involve more people in the organization and spread enthusiasm. Two Cents of Hope is a registered non-profit organization in the US [ 501(c)(3) ] and India.

The story of how TCH came into existence is interesting. Usually people in the US throw away cents as its mostly currency-less transactions here and cents are almost of no value. However, when you convert it into Indian Rupees it certainly has some value. Few students of NCSU back in 2001 were sipping coffee and were discussing something. They noticed that the cents were just being throw away, discarded. They thought.. What is the power of cents? And then realized that all those "discarded" cents had the power to fund a child's primary education in India and thus began Two Cents of Hope.

We put up coin boxes wherever we can and ask people to put the cents in these boxes instead of just throwing them away. At the end of a specific period we collect all the cents and convert them into currency of higher denomination. Projects from all over India are scrutinized and we fund educational costs for deserving but poor children. I'm very proud to be a part of this organization. TCH has chapters in many parts of the world, Bangalore being the HQ in India and Raleigh being the same in the US.

We also organize cultural events in the US which showcase our rich culture and heritage. Trishna '08 was the latest which was held last Saturday. The funds/donations received from these events go straight back to India to fund someone's education. The event photos and videos will be up soon.

Interested in helping us? Head to Two Cents of Hope's website


Sanjay said…
Good effort, appreciate introducing here..would like to add a link to my site too
Anirudh said…
Sure Sanjay, go ahead. No issues :)

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