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My Mac4Lin project is on! :) Keep visiting the page for updates. The project has been conceived on Ubuntu and GNOME. But it'll soon be tested on other distros and Unix-like OS which employ GTK+. Its in alpha version as of now. People who would like to test may please drop me a mail. Please leave your comments and suggestions regarding the project here or on the project website. Feature requests and Bug tracking welcomed :)

Let the downloads begin....................

PS: I'm indicating all the approx file sizes here so that nobody wastes their time downloading a corrupt file, if any:

Leopard_Pack_1 -> ~5MB
Leopard_Pack_2 -> ~ 7.8MB
Wallpapers -> ~5MB
GTK_MacMenu -> ~20.6MB

Link to project: Mac4Lin on

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Anonymous said…
do the icons have animation when rolled over?

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