Tools to make your Windows XP desktop look like Windows Vista

I must say I miss Vista looks but XP functionality is more important for me. So I set out to make my desktop look more like Vista.

OK, a more 'Vista'ish desktop here:
Free Image Hosting at

Resources used:
MS Visual Style: VistaVG by Vishal
Icons: Icontweaker with Vista Theme
Transparencies: XP Visual Tools
Toolbar in Explorer: Styler with Vista Theme
Sidebar: Thoosje's Sidebar
Vista Start Menu: ViStart (Though I don't use it as I haf problems with some of its features)

Reason why I don't recommend transformation packs is that of all the times I've used them and uninstalled it has completely messed up the system files (shell32.dll etc.). No matter how much I try to restore from the Installation Disc it jus won't go back. Reinstallation has been the only option for me.


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