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My iTouch looked drab. It was screaming for a new UI, a new fresh face and so I got to work! Once a UI developer always a UI developer (no matter what platform :D). I took iNav and modded it to my liking - integrating widgets, editing the main menu, revamping the dock among numerous other things. I present you the iNav ANi Remix! Haf a look at the pics floating around this post. Kudos to the base iNav :)

This UI has been customized for iPod Touch, however by placing the Phone and Text/SMS icons this interface can be converted to an iPhone UI.

For those of you who dunno how to install it, I'm gonna quote the procedure. I'm too lazy to type :P Btw, before you proceed make sure you haf a jailbroken iPhone/iTouch for this (obviously!). If you are comfortable with SSH'ing into your device and uploading files then don't bother reading this tutorial! :D


iPhone/iPod Touch with 2.2.1 Firmware (Tested, might work with older firmware)
Categories V2.23 (Tested, Might Work with older version)

Download Categories V2.23 via Cydia.

Once downloaded make two new categories by clicking on the Add tab on the top right. Call the first one “Games” and the next one “Apps”.

Then place all your games into the Games folder. Next place every app into the Apps folder except for: Clock, Calculator, Notes, Videos, Photos, Settings, Mail, Safari and Music/iPod. Its also a good idea to add apps like Winterboard, Terminal, Categories to the SpringBoard settings Dock.

Install the blank webclips. To do this place the blank webclips (provided) in the folder: /Private/Var/Mobile/Library/Webclips (You will need a software like sshfs, if using Mac OS X or WinSCP, if using Windows).

We now need to install the iNav UI. Do this by placing the iNav folder into: /Library/Themes

Set the blank webclips so that there are 10 webclips in each page and then the application icon (11th icon). Also set Settings, Mail, Safari, iPod/Music icons on the main dock.

Go to Winterboard and select the iNav theme and also the option “No Undocked icon Labels”. Make sure this is above the theme. Respring SB and you are all done!
(Taken from here and modified accordingly)

Download the Updated iNav ANi Remix here or here.

PS: Damn! I seem to haf lost the Gimp XCF source file! I need to work on it again :(

Update: The UI now has support for "Tap Apps". This first page can be used to stack the 6 most frequently used apps for quick access. Background for Games, Apps categories and a new Wallpaper with sections are also included. The screenshot illustrates the feature. You will now need to rearrange the icons as per the wallpaper depicted. Other icons need to be moved as per the individual pages seen in the screenshot. Also the Lockscreen text has been fixed. The download link given above points to the updated version of the iPod Touch UI.

Update 2: You will need to install "No Spotlight Icon" from Cydia on iPhoneOS 3.0 to get rid of the search icon on the first page. Also the lockscreen and the keyboard skinning is not supported 3.0. Other than that all other components of this UI work fine in 3.0.

To change the location for the weather widget a JavaScript needs to be edited: Navigate to /Widgets/Configs/ directory. Now open the Weather-Config.js file and scroll down till you see "Raleigh, NC". Replace that with your [city],[state] or zip code/city code (if you use Yahoo Weather).

To change the units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, in the same file after the above mentioned line, make this change:

/* Set to 'false' for Farenheit. */
var isCelsius = false

Please leave your comments/suggestions about the UI here :)

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does this work for the iphone?

3/25/2009 12:36:00 AM

Yes, it does. Just make sure that you put the Phone, Text and other iPhone related icons in the first page (Tap Apps).

3/25/2009 01:26:00 AM

wow... this is great ... best theme ever! On my touch right now! Thanx!

3/29/2009 08:22:00 PM

why is their only one digit in the weather widget?
ex. its 36 here but it shows up as 3

3/29/2009 10:24:00 PM

haha wow nevermind just took a look at the config.js file and realized i was in Celcius. lol. :)

3/29/2009 10:30:00 PM

I noticed the weather only updates when I restart my iphone, any way to have it update with it being on?

3/30/2009 12:45:00 AM

Glad you all like it :)

Well, I'm not sure why it updates only when restarted. For me, the weather updates I guess every half an hour or so.

3/30/2009 01:50:00 AM

Thanks alot for this beautiful theme. It totally gives my touch an authentic look. One question, though.

How do I make the weather widget give me weather for my area? (Twin Cities, MN)

3/30/2009 01:36:00 PM

Thank you :)

For changing the location and units please refer my blog post. I've updated it to include instructions for that in the end of the post.

3/30/2009 02:51:00 PM

hey im not quite sure how to do first i ssh into my ipod and put in the inav folders(the original ones) then i download the link you give me and put it in the same themes folder i put the original and then respring and apply both of them along with no icon undocked icons in winter board and thats it. the problem is that i did this but the link you have me was a extension(tgz) that did nothing on the ipod .
Help would be very appreciated.
Very cool theme btw

3/31/2009 09:30:00 PM

^^^ Just extract the downloaded .tar.gz file on your computer and transfer the folder iNav folder (that gets created after extraction) to /Library/Themes on you iPod/iPhone. Hope that helps :)

3/31/2009 10:31:00 PM

can u make an icon for tap tap revenge coldplay and ZombieVille USA? thanks. i just need an icon to match the theme for my tap apps

4/15/2009 08:18:00 PM

I'm not an icon designer. If you want me integrate some icon then you can pass it to me, I'll do it.. but I'm not into vector illustration...

4/16/2009 05:51:00 PM

Hey man thnks alot for this i love it but i just cant find the folder to change the place for the weather icon can u give me the full folder name for it eg root/var/ watever thanks

4/26/2009 04:49:00 PM

ummmm does the weather widget work for canadian cities?

4/27/2009 07:33:00 PM

All weather icons are in /Library/Themes/[iNav ANi Remix theme]/widgets/Weather/Icon Sets/katra

Yes, it works for almost all major cities of the world. Just head to the mentioned folder and edit the Weather-Config.js and add your city's code at the appropriate location described.

4/28/2009 10:51:00 AM

If you guys like this theme you should really check out the mods of it that are out there:

4/30/2009 04:04:00 PM

Does anyone know how to enable the clock widget on the lockscreen?

5/18/2009 09:34:00 PM

I think you can get that info at iPod touch Fans forum. Somebody did ask that Q, I guess.

5/19/2009 09:58:00 PM
Anonymous just wow

5/20/2009 03:18:00 PM

I was wondering if there is anyway I could get the older version where instead of the touch apps page its the big clock. If not its no problem, I just like the look of the clock on the main page :)

6/16/2009 03:10:00 PM

My clock icon wont switch to the bigger version for some reason =/
How can I fix this?

6/16/2009 10:19:00 PM

Thank you :)

I'm sorry, I don't haf the previous version saved with me :(

Which bigger version are you talking about?

6/17/2009 03:13:00 AM

When you download the theme and apply it all the apps change. My clock icon is still at it's default icon. Everything else switched

6/17/2009 07:52:00 AM

Nevermind I fixed it. Love the theme!

Would you happen to know how to send free text messaging on an ipod touch? (I know it's random :P)

6/18/2009 12:30:00 AM

How did you fix it? What was the actual problem?

No, I don't use my iTouch to send SMS.

6/18/2009 03:06:00 AM

I had something download on cydia called live clock and I noticed my friend didn't have that on his so I uninstalled it and bam, it switched :)

6/18/2009 08:05:00 AM

hi, how do you edit the weather-config.js?

7/05/2009 03:43:00 AM

Just right click and edit. Then file save when you're done.

7/11/2009 01:44:00 AM

hi can i download this for my ipod touch?

8/03/2009 12:11:00 AM

Of corz its compatible with iPod Touch. But you need to jailbreak it first.

8/03/2009 04:53:00 PM

hey i just installed ur theme and its great. i just have 1 problem when i updated one of my apps through the app store this frozen icon wit da game app logo sayin installing but it just never finished appeared on my da clock screen. also i cant remove it or add it to da folder games. if u can find a way to fix this i would appreciate it very much... i am running on an iPod Touch 2G 3.0...thx again for da theme its great

8/11/2009 01:27:00 AM

oh nvm...i respring n the app thing disappeares

8/11/2009 01:33:00 AM

Glad you like the UI and could fix the issue.

8/12/2009 12:12:00 AM

Hi there, thanks for sharing this, its awesome :)
Just one problem I have though, does the weather widget work with UK addresses? I edited the config.js file to Worcester, UK and the weather widget is constantly loading with N/A above it. Any help is greatly appreciated, and again, nice job on this remix :D

8/14/2009 11:51:00 AM

Also, I have an iPhone 2G 3.0 if this makes any difference.

8/14/2009 11:51:00 AM

Thanks for the appreciation. The weather widget works for any city. I'd suggest that you use Yahoo weather, which I believe uses zip code instead of city name.

8/15/2009 01:12:00 PM

Got it sorted, thanks.
Just one more thing, i'm running 3.0 so the lockscreen doesn't work, and I can't put my own background up, any way to change this? Cheers

8/19/2009 09:55:00 AM


11/07/2009 03:44:00 PM

I guess they changed the mechanism to change the lock screen in 3.0

Thank you :)

11/20/2009 05:43:00 PM

for anyone who wants their own lockscreen for this theme and the charging lockcreen that doesnt show up on 3.0 just delete the lockscreen.png and the lockscreen webpage when you ssh into library/themes

11/22/2009 05:23:00 PM

oops sorry

that isnt exact just scroll there and u will c lockscreen.png and lockscreen webpage

delete thos 2 if ur on 3.0

then u will be able to have your own lockscreen image instead of just blackness

11/22/2009 06:14:00 PM

Thanks for the pointers :)

11/22/2009 11:46:00 PM

no prob man

its good to see that some developers actually respond to their comment feed:D

Mike: look at my other comment above

it shood help u change ur lockscreen

that was the 1 thing i was annoyed of 2:D

11/23/2009 10:00:00 PM

this is an amazing inav mod, although i did replace the safari icon with one that went with the Clock icon.

the only trouble is that the calendar widget is too low and the numbers go out of the space in the wallpaper, anyone else have this problem? anyone know how to fix it? is it in the Config-js file? pls help thank you

1/10/2010 08:52:00 PM

The widget's alignment etc. can be changed in the css file I believe.

1/10/2010 10:35:00 PM

Thanks so much it was driving me crazy

1/10/2010 10:56:00 PM

Hey i got everything working but one question movies means videos right??? and i can't find this two icons on springboard "Photos and Videos". i cant find it...plzzzzz need help on tht.

2/04/2010 10:41:00 PM

Hey i got everything working but one question movies means videos right??? and i can't find this two icons on springboard "Photos and Videos". i cant find it...plzzzzz need help on tht.

2/04/2010 10:41:00 PM

Yeah, Movies means videos

2/04/2010 11:41:00 PM

how do you change enter my ipod on the lockscreen to something else?

2/10/2010 11:43:00 PM

when i click on my apps folder or games folder, the loading bar doesn't show up. the apps icon or games icon doesn't show up once the categories folder opens either. how can i fix this?

2/11/2010 12:02:00 AM

hi i have to new ipod 3rd generation and i followed all the steps. When i clik the ANi Remix on winterboard it still turns out the same

2/27/2010 12:46:00 AM

I'm not sure why it doesn't work since it's the same software (iPhoneOS 3.x). Maybe something is not compatible. Unfortunately, I don't have a 3rd Gen iTouch so can't test it here myself.

2/27/2010 01:26:00 AM

I have an iPod and I want the home screen wallpaper... can you sen it to me? (the 100% loading one)

6/18/2010 07:21:00 AM


Which wallpaper? I don't see any "100% loading". Are you talking about wallpaper from some other theme that you want to integrate with inav?

6/18/2010 11:12:00 AM

where do you get the blank webclips?

1/18/2011 02:29:00 PM

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